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Announcements : 2018 Travel Course Offerings

Announcement: 2018 Travel Course Offerings

2018 Travel Course Offerings


Quito, Ecuador 
   CHEM 206 Herbal Medicines and Remedies (SEE Scientific Reasoning-Laboratory)
   ED 350 Topics in Education / SL 101 Community as Your Classroom Seminar 

Arizona, USA
   HSR 250 Topics in Human Services

Louisiana, USA
   IS 475 Special Topics in Information Systems
   MGT 440 Leadership and Service-Learning

Marfa, Texas, USA
   ART 280 Study Away: Art and Design in Context
   PHIL 260 Aesthetics (SEE Humanities)

SPRING BREAK 2018 (Spring Semester course)

Austin, Texas, USA
FMI 331 Major Directors/Movements (SXSW Film Festival)


London, England / Warsaw, Poland 
   IS 260 Presentation Theory and Application